Round Thin Film Laser Polarizers

  • Provide the achievement of strictly linear polarization of laser radiaton
  • Utilize the polarization wich occurs on reflection from a plane surface
  • Rs/Tp:>99.5/95.0% for standard thin film polarizers
  • Rs/Tp:>99.5/99.0% for high transmittance thin film laser polarizers
  • Ts<0.2%, Rp<0.2% for ultra high transmission thin film polarizers
  • Tp>98%, Ts<0.1% for thin film polarizers with high extinction ratio
  • High damage threshold reaching 10 J/cm2
  • Extinction ratio 200:1 (for standard, high and ultra high transmission thin film polarizers), 1000:1 (for thin film laser  polarizers with high extinction ratio)

Thin Film Laser Polarizers separate the s- and p-polarization components. They are designed for use in high energy lasers. Due to high damage threshold, reaching 10 J/cm2 @ 1064 nm 8 ns, Thin Film Polarizers are used as an alternative to Glan Laser Polarizing Prisms or Cube Polarizing Beamsplitters.

Typical applications are intracavity Q-switch hold-off polarizer or extracavity attenuator for Nd:YAG lasers.

Thin Film Polarizers can be used at an > 40° angle of incidence, but polarization is most efficient and appears in a broad wavelength range at 56° AOI (Brewster angle). Typical polarization ratio Tp/Ts is 200:1.

Standard size is up to Ø50 mm (2”), while max. available dimensions are 100×200 mm. For optimal transmission a Thin Film Polarizer should be mounted in an appropriate holder for angular adjustment. For Rectangular Thin Film Polarizers, visit here.

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