Pixellated Arrays-CdWO4 Arrays

CdWO4 arrays has wide applications, its extremely low afterglow property is of great importance of fast inspection, especially in the cargo container of customs, while in the X-CT equipment due to its relatively high light output, high density and strong prevention of X-ray property, also in the high energy physics because of its strong anti-radiation.

Modules or types
Single element size: customized
Linear array: 8, 16, 32, 64…elements
2-Dimensional array: 6×10, 12×18, 24×36…elements
Light output: 12,000-15,000 Photons/Mev
Afterglow: 0.1%(max) after 3ms
Reflector: polymer with TiO2(excellent reflection to ensure minimized cross talk)
Application Notes
· Security inspection
· X-ray CT
· High energy physics
· Nuclear medicine

Lithium Aluminate (LiAlO2) Crystals and Substrates

Lithium Aluminate or LiAlO2 is a potential substrate for III-V nitride thin films due to its excellent lattice mismatch to GaN (<0.2% at <100> ), chemical stability at high temperature and cost effective. The lattice parameter of Lithium Dioxogallate (LiGaO2) and Lithium Aluminium Oxide (γ) (LiAlO2) crystal can match with the Gallium Nitride film very well. The mismatch coefficients are 0.2% and 1.4% only for LiGaO2 and LiAlO2, much smaller than that of the common used substrates such as <0001> sapphire (14%), <100> MgO (3%), <0001> SiC (3.5%). The Gallium Nitride film is a very important material for blue, violet, UV and white LED. A substrate material that matches the film to be grown well is very important to get a nice GaN epitaxial film.

Orientations <100>, <110>, <111>
Orientation Tolerance ±0.5°
Standard Size (mm) Ф30,Ф20, 20×20, 15×15,10×10,10×5,10x3mm
Thickness 0.35 mm, 0.5 mm and 1.0 mm
Dimensional Tolerance ±0.1mm
Grown Boule 55 mm dia. x 50-80 mm length
Surface Quality 20/10 S/D
Flatness 1/4 Lambda @633nm for thickness less than 2mm
Parallelism 30 arc sec.
Perpendicularity 5 arc minutes
Wavefront Distortion <1/4 Lambda @ 633nm
Micro Roughness (5μmx5μm) Ra:<1Å

Plastic scintillator performance parameters

Plastic scintillator performance parameters with the substrate, scintillating material and the second solute – shift the difference between the different and the difference. Therefore, the variety of plastic scintillators is varied, the performance parameters vary widely.

The emission spectrum of a plastic scintillator is consistent with the emission spectrum of a scintillating substance, whereas the emission spectrum of a scintillator

different. The emission spectrum of the plastic scintillator coincides with that of the wave-shifting agent when the wave-shifting agent is applied.

The light output of plastic scintillator increases with the increase of scintillation material concentration, reaching the extreme value when mass concentration is 1% ~ 4%. Continue to increase the concentration, but the light output decreases. The addition of mass concentration of 0.01% ~ 0.02% of the wave-shift agent can make a sharp increase in light output.

For a long time heavy fluences heavy charged particles or electron radiation, so that the plastic scintillator damage and thus reduce the light output.

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