Design and Synthesis of cdwo4 crystals

Sb3+-activated cdwo4 crystals phosphors were designed according to sp energy levels regularities of Sb3+ ion in some inorganic compounds. The sp energy levels regularities of Sb3+ in dozens of compounds were established with the aid of the dielectric theory of the chemical bond for complex crystals: EA = 6.2187−1.7584he, EB = 7.019−1.957he, EC = 7.259−1.964he.

Environmental factor he of Cd site was calculated to be 1.6583 with the refined crystal structure and refractive index of cdwo4 crystals:Sb3+. Sb3+-doped cdwo4 crystals was synthesized through a precipitation method and its structure was refined with the General Structure Analysis System. The transition energy of A band of Sb3+ in cdwo4 crystals can be predicted to be 3.312 eV (374 nm), according to the relationship equation between EA and environmental factor he.

By monitoring the 521 nm emission band, the excitation spectrum gives a weak excitation band peaking at 355 nm, which was assigned to the 1S0–3P1 transition of Sb3+ according to our prediction. Thus, Sb3+-doped cdwo4 crystals phosphor was designed and synthesized successfully based on sp energy levels regularities of Sb3+ ion. This work is a great help to understand the spectroscopy of Sb3+ ion and will be useful for the design and development of Sb3+-doped phosphors for applications.

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