Long pass IPL glass filters

Long pass IPL glass filters are useful for selective wavelength absorption and therefore achieve high out of band blocking. Colour glass type Longpass filters have very low transmission in short wavelengths and high transmission in the long wavelengths. These filters are used in range of spectral selection scientific instrument applications.

The long-pass range of IPL glass filters listed here has uniform spectral transmission properties over their entire aperture. A wide range of Long pass IPL glass filters are available as 50x50mm and 25mm diameter filters, stocked in the options below.

Stock Long pass IPL glass filters are available to purchase directly from this website. To enquire about our customer colour glass capabilities, or to place a custom order, please contact our technical sales team.

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General properties of LYSO(Ce) scintillator

LYSO (ce) crystal is a new type of scintillator crystal, it has excellent scintillation properties, like high light output, short decay time, also stable physical and mechanical properties, with high density and high Z value as well as strong anti-radiation hardness.

We have been optimizing the Czochralski technique to acquire LYSO(ce) crystal with larger dimension and better performance, now it can be produced at ∅90 mm x 200 mm length crystal blank in commercialized volume. Meanwhile, we have completed crystal further process equipment, including the line cutting and inner circle cutting machine as well as the grinding, polished and stable matrix assembly capability.

LYSO(ce) crystal is the ideal Positron Emission Tomography(PET) material, it has improved energy resolution and timing resolution compared with traditional BGO crystal, which is vital to get clear image and shorten the scanning procedure. According to authorized statistics, the global market for PET was estimated to be around 1G$, included the USA, Europe and Asia.

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MWIR Lenses – Infrared Optics with Low Distortion

MWIR Lenses is a family of midwave infrared lenses specifically designed to operate in the 3-5 ?m wavelenght region with InSb FPA Focal Plane Arrays. The MWIR Lenses offer a bayonet standard interface or, alternatively, they can be equipped with a custom mount interface at no additional cost.

In the MWIR lens design, great importance was attached to a good image quality and a large aperture (small F-number).

These MWIR lenses, mounted on a MWIR camera, are the perfect choice for a variety of applications, including imaging through fog, high-speed thermal imaging, thermography, R&D (MWIR range), non-destructive testing.

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