Laser Optics and Components

Laser Optics are used in a wide range of laser instrumentation or laser applications, including beam steering or material processing. Laser Optics use specific substrates, coatings, or a combination of the two to provide superior performance at specific laser wavelengths or over a range of wavelengths. Many Laser Optics feature laser damage thresholds designed for pulsed or CW lasers. Using a Laser Optic that has a lower laser damage threshold than what the laser requires can lead to damaging the Optical Component.

Shalom EO is a leading supplier of crystals, optics, components products, a wide range of the products are offered, which includes: crystals and components for laser systems and applications, infrared lens, windows and optics for thermal imaging cameras and applications, scintillation crystals components for X-ray, nuclear ray detections, SAW crystals and wafers, Substrates and other optics products. The products are widely used in the laser systems and instruments manufacturing, thermal imaging cameras and applications, X-ray equipments, nuclear ray detecting instruments, medical and biological equipments, automation and precision instruments in field of industry, military, scientific research and aero-space.

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