IR Lenses for Cooled Detectors

IR Lenses for MWIR Cooled Thermal Imaging Cameras
● Aspherical and binary optical technology adoped in design
● Various types of IR materials are used

Hangzhou Shalom Electro‐optics Technology Co., Ltd.

The lenses are designed and used in middle wavelength infrared range (MWIR) thermal imaging cameras of cooled FPA detectors at 3-5μm, with manual or motorized mechanism and in wide range of  focal length, the single FOV and double FOV lenses modules are available. The designed modules are
listed for your selection, and the customs modules are available for customer’s  request.

Modules or Types
The modules are designed for 320 x 256 – 30um/640 x 512 – 15um MWIR cooled detector at  3-5μm.

1.  Aspheric Technology and Binary Optics Technology are used in design, which effectively reduce  the spherical aberration, distortion and other various aberrations, achieve athermalization design and  reduce the number of needed lens elements, lower the cost.

2. Various type of the infrared materials (like Ge, ZnSe, ZnS, AMTIR, CaF2, Sapphire, BaF2 ect.) are used in the lenses, which would successfully eliminate the aberration of the image and improve the quality of imaging, especially for the large diameter telephoto lenses.

3. Advanced equipment and machines are used to process the infrared materials optics: ultra-precision single point diamond processing machine to achieve the precision aspheric in 3nm, diffractive surface processing equipment to process the Ge, ZnSe, ZnS and AMTIR materials.

4. Different types of coating are made on the lens optics: high-efficiency anti-reflection coating (or high-efficiency AR), durable anti-reflection coating (or Durable AR) and diamond-like hard carbon coating(or DLC coating).

5. Complete quality assurance system
6. Within our quality system, we works out a series of specific craftworks and develops a strict test  procedure to guarrantee the quality of products.

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