Sapphire Optics & Custom Sapphire Shapes

Sapphire Lenses, Sapphire Balls, Sapphire Prisms & Mechanical Shapes
Sapphire Optics And Sapphire Custom Shapes, Including Sapphire Balls, Sapphire Lenses, Sapphire Prisms And Mechanical Parts Hold a Unique Place In The World Of Optics. a Sapphire Lens, Ball Lens And Prism All Exhibit Exceptional Performance In a Number Of Applications That Require Extreme Mechanical, Optical, Thermal And Chemical Robustness. Sapphire Optics Also Have Excellent Transmission Bandwidths, Transmitting Well Into The Uv And Ir; a Much Wider Range Than Most Common Lens Materials.

Why Are Sapphire Optics & Sapphire Mechanical Parts Such High Performers?
Sapphire Lenses, Balls & Prisms Are Incredibly Hard, Strong & Wear Resistant:
a Sapphire Lens Can Be Exposed To Extreme Abradants Such As Sand And Particulates With Minimal Effect On The Clarity Of The Optics. This Makes Sapphire Optics The Ideal Material For a Variety Of Applications Such As: Aerospace Lenses, Downhole And Drilling Vision System Optics, Inspection Windows, Watch Crystals And Gun Sights.
Sapphire Lenses And Sapphire Prisms (Optics,Wafers and Crystals >> Sapphire Optics >> Sapphire Prisms) Can Take Pressure Like No Other Clear Material, Making Sapphire Optics The Go-To Transparent Material For Highpressure Vessels, Deep Sea Windows And Sight Glasses. Combined With The Exceptional Thermal And Chemical Performance Of Sapphire, a Sapphire Lens Is The Ideal Transparency For Pressurized In-Process, Deep Sea And Equipment Sensors.


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