Far Infrared Dome Benefits

Far Infrared Dome Benefits:
If you are looking for serious natural healing and wellness in the comfort of your home, look no further. The SOQI Dome’s advanced Japanese technology remains unsurpassed. The Far Infrared heat radiating from the Dome’s inner surface does more than warm and relax the body. Unlike regular heat, Far Infrared heat promotes healing of the body from the inside out.

Far Infrared heat benefits include increased circulation, pain relief, reduction in swelling and inflammation, serious toxin elimination (heavy metals), accelerated healing, and much more.

Far Infrared dry heat means you can remain clothed:
There is minimal to zero sweating so you can leave your clothes on, or wear loose clothing, or just your underwear. Traditional saunas heat up the air around you to a very high temperature creating ‘wet’ heat thereby causing the body to sweat profusely, whereas the Far Infrared sauna dome heat emits a gentle controlled far infrared ‘dry’ heat. Toxins are released into the blood stream and eliminated via urine and feces.

Distance is very Important:
The effects of far infrared ray, which travel in a straight line, weaken with distance, so the closer to the source of the far infrared rays your body is, the more impact they will have. The Far Infrared Dome was designed to be very close to the body for optimal health benefits.

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