OASIS 7 International Conference and Exhibition with Shalom EO

Thanks for inviting Shalom EO to attend such as a grand ceremony. We met many closedcustomers and friends. And we hope can continue good cooperative relations with you!!

Thanks a lot for all of you!!

Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., Ltd.is founded in 2011, the founder James Tang have worked as optics engineer and optics sales manager for more than 25 years, our expert group will offer excellent service to you. Shalom EO is located Hangzhou, a beautiful touring city, about 200Km from Shanghai. Hangzhou is a famous city with long history, it is also well known for its high-tech industry in IT, optical fiber communications and E-commerce, the headquarters of Alibaba is located in Hangzhou.

Infrared Optics

Laser Components


Wafers and Substrates

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