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DKDP Crystals for EO applications
● Wavelength range from 0.25µm to 1.3 µm
● High deuteration >98%
● Large aperture
KD*P or DKDP crystals are widely used in Q-switching applications at wavelength range from 0.25µm to approximately 1.1 µm,If the deuterium content is higher the absorption edge of the material is shifted further into the infrared. KD*P crystal with a deuterium content >98% can be used up to 1.3μm. KD*P can be grown with high optical uniformity and is therefore recommended for large apertures. Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the DKDP crystals of high deuteration (>98%) for KD*P pockels cells applications, the customized blanks, polished crystals and the AR coating and Cr-Au electroded crystal components are available upon your request .