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UV-filtering Fused Silica Flow Tube for Lasers and IPL Machines
The recirculating cooling water system is needed to lower the temperature of the Xe lamps in the IPL machines and laser systems, a fused silica tube outside the lamp are used as the water pipes.
Hangzhou Shalom EO provides the cerium doped fused silica tubes used in the IPL machines and laser systems. It is yellow colored tube, which absorbs and blocks the UV light from the Xenon lamps at 190nm ~ 380nm, with excellent physical, chemical and thermal properties, withstanding the high temperature and high energy environment.
Hangzhou Shalom EO also provides a type of metal coated fused silica tube for IPL machines, it is silver coated, and reflect the light of Xenon lamps to focus the light and increase the light energy for treatment.    
The stocked tubes are available in fast delivery.