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CZT (CdZnTe) Hemispherical Detectors (SZT-HM01 Series)

 CdZnTe hemispherical detectors or CZT half spherical probes are special electrode designed detectors, by the special design which are based on potential theory, the "sensitive area" of the CZT detectors is hemispherical, and then the influence of the hole on the signal can be reduced, which makes the CdZnTe hemispherical detectors can measure the high-energy rays in high energy resolution, the energy resolution is better than 3% for the 137 cs @ 662 KeV gamma rays.Hangzhou Shalom EO provides the CZT-HM01 series CZT (CdZnTe) hemispherical detectors, which  can be used for X-ray and medium-high energy gamma ray detection. With excellent energy resolution, this detector is widely applied in nuclear science and technology, homeland security, environment detection, space probe and industrial inspection, ect.