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About Us

Hangzhou Shalom Electro-optics Technology Co., a leading manufacturer and supplier on crystals, optics and wafers. Besides the customized products upon your special request, thousands of standard types in stocks are available for your choice, with easy online purchasing and fast delivery. Our engineering background sale group will well understand your needs and offer you expert services. All products are under control of our ISO9001 quality control system.

Wide range of Crystals,Optics and wafers in Versatile Applications

• Crystals, optics, optical filters and components for laser systems, optical equipment and instruments
• IR lenses, windows and optics for thermal imaging cameras and applications;
• Scintillation crystals and components for X-ray, nuclear ray detection;
• SAW crystals and wafers, Sapphire and other crystals substrates and wafers for semiconductor, HTSC, industrial, medical, scientific and research applications.

Online Ordering and Fast Delivery

Besides the customized products made according to your special needs, thousands of standard products in stocks are available upon your choice, you may order and pay online, easy operation and fast delivery.

Expert Sales Group

Our sales members have engineering background and long experience in the electro-optics products, our sales group will understand your needs correctly and accurately and offer you suitable products. Our highly dedicated sales and engineering teams are always ready to work with industrial customers for volume requirements, as well as the research community for challenging customized applications.

ISO9001 QC and Guarantee

All products are tested and under our quality control system of ISO9001, the measured data will come with the delivered products. Most of our products will be 12 months guarantee, we will repair and replace the products in free within this guarantee period.



Keep pace with technique improvements and work together with you on product upgrading and development

Innovative technique and upgrading of your products will demand renew and improvements of the components used, sometimes the challenging components is required, Hangzhou Shalom EO will trace and keep the pace with technique improvements and develop new components for your needs, we’ll work together with you to upgrade of your products.
Tell us what you need! Our experienced engineers and sales group will offer you resolution.