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  • Rod Lenses
  • Rod Lenses

Rod Lenses

  • Substrate materials: BK7, fused silica or other optical glass
  • Focuses collimated light into a line
  • Minimum diameter: 0.6mm
  • Roundness error: down to 0.005mm
  • Diameter tolerance: down to 0.01mm
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Type Rod Lenses Material UV fused silica, BK7 or other optical glass
Diameter Tolerance down to +/-0.01mm Roundness Error dowun to 0.005mm
Length Tolerance ±0.1mm Surface Quality 60/40 S/D

Rod Lens is a variant of cylindrical lens with polished outside surfaces. Collimated light passing through the diameters of the rod lenses will be focused into a line. This kind of lenses are common used for generating line images from circular laser beams. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers custom rod lenses upon customer's request.