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  • Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lenses
  • Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lenses

Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lenses

  • Substrate materials: Custom ((e.g. N-BK7, Fused Silica, CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, ZnSe, etc.)
  • Ideal for one-dimensional compression of images, laser line generation, and anamorphic beam shaping
  • Circular and rectangular versions are available
  • Standardized focal lengths and diameters convenient for OEM
  • Coating options: uncoated, MgF2 single layer AR coating, laser line V-coating and BBAR coating
  • Applications: Laser scanners, diode lasers, optical metrologies, and spectroscopes
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Type Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lenses Material BK7,UVFS, ZnSe, CaF2
Clear Aperture >90% Size Tolerance +0/-0.1mm
Thickness Tolerance ±0.2mm Surface Irregularity λ/2 @ 633 nm
Surface Quality 40/20 S/D Paraxial Focal Length ±2% @587.6nm
Chamfer 0.2mm x 45 degree

Plano-Concave Cylindrical Lens is an optical plano-concave lens in columnar form, with negative focal lengths, diverging light in one dimension. Plano concave cylindrical lenses could be utilized for linear expansion of light output, circularization of elliptical diode laser spots, conversion of circular collimated beams into laser lines, one-dimensional image stretching, and other applications relevant to beam manipulation and output processing, such as anamorphic image shaping, laser scanning, diode lasers, optical metrologies, and spectroscopes, etc. Like its spherical counterpart, plano concave cylindrical lenses are also optimized for infinite conjugate ratios and become less advantageous for conjugate ratios below 5:1. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers various custom Plano-Concave Cylindrical lenses made from substrate materials including, but not limited to N-BK7, Fused Silica, CaF2, BaF2, MgF2, ZnSe, etc. Custom coating options for concave cylindrical lenses include uncoated substrates, Broadband Anti-reflection (BBAR) coatings that effectively reduce reflection (average reflection below 0.5%) over a certain wavelength range, and laser line V-coating which provides higher transmission (average reflection below 0.25%) at a narrower range around a certain wavelength, and MgF2 AR coatings (average reflection below 1.5%) with competitive low price. Both circular and rectangular versions are available.

Application Notes:

To minimize spherical aberration, engineers from Shalom EO suggest that incoming light beams should be projected to the curved side of the lens for diverging.