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CaF2 Plano-Convex Lenses

  • One spherical side and one planar side optimized for light collimation and focus at absolute conjugate ratios > 5:1
  • Substrates made from high-purity CaF2 crystals with exceptionally wide transmission from UV to IR (180-8000nm)
  • High laser damage threshold and thermal shock resistance suitable for excimer lasers
  • Standard CaF2 plano-convex lenses are available in uncoated versions, while custom coatings like BBAR, high-performance V-coatings, and MgF2 coatings
  • Applications: Infrared Optics, Ultraviolet Optical Components, Laser Processing such as Excimer Lasers, etc.
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Code Material Diameter CT ET Focal length Coating Unit Price Delivery Cart
1109-001 CaF2 12.7mm 4.3mm 1.5mm 20mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-002 CaF2 12.7mm 2.5mm 1.5mm 50mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-003 CaF2 12.7mm 2.1mm 1.5mm 80mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-004 CaF2 25.4mm 7.5mm 2.0mm 40mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-005 CaF2 25.4mm 6.1mm 2.0mm 50mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-006 CaF2 25.4mm 4.6mm 2.0mm 75mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-007 CaF2 25.4mm 3.9mm 2.0mm 100mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-008 CaF2 25.4mm 3.3mm 2.0mm 150mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-009 CaF2 25.4mm 2.9mm 2.0mm 200mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-010 CaF2 25.4mm 2.7mm 2.0mm 250mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-011 CaF2 25.4mm 2.4mm 2.0mm 500mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-012 CaF2 25.4mm 2.2mm 2.0mm 750mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week
1109-013 CaF2 25.4mm 2.2mm 2.0mm 1000mm Uncoated Inquire 1 Week

Plano-convex (PCX) Lens is an optical lens with one plane face, one convex face, and a positive focal length, utilized for collecting, focusing collimated lights, collimating lights from a point source, or reducing the focal length of a lens group. Compared to Biconvex lenses,  Plano-convex lenses have two unidentical sides and therefore work best for an infinite absolute conjugate ratio (objective distance: image distance). However, plano-convex lenses still reduce spherical aberrations to a quite low extent when the absolute conjugate ratio is greater than 5:1. For conjugate ratio below 5:1, consider using plano-convex lenses in pairs or a biconvex lens.

Calcium Fluoride(CaF2) is an excellent optical material with its natural high transmission from UV to MWIR wavelengths (180-8000nm) with favorably low levels of fluorescence, therefore it is widely utilized in infrared, and ultraviolet optical systems. The prominent LIDT(Laser-Induced Damage Threshold) of CaF2 permitted its usage in high-energy detectors and excimer lasers. Besides, Calcium Fluoride is also more mechanically durable and chemically stable than other fluoride counterparts, the hardness of CaF2 is twice the magnitude of that of BaF2, with the addition that CaF2 is not prone to deliquesce and enduring thermal shock. 

This page highlights Shalom EO’s Stocked and Custom CaF2 Plano Convex Lenses, whilst you can browse and shop Off-the-Shelf N-BK7 Plano Convex Lenses, Off-the-Shelf UVFS Plano Convex Lenses, and custom plano convex lenses made from a wide assortment of optical materials including sapphire, ruby, Flint Glass/BaF2/Ge/Si, etc. Shalom EO is a proficient and capable supplier and manufacturer of optical lens components. The calcium fluoride we use to fabricate optical lenses exhibits high purities to ensure minimized OH contents, which are harmful to IR transmission. Shalom EO also leverages a stringent inspection procedure to ensure that the actual parameters of the lenses comply with our published specifications.

Our CaF2 plano convex lenses (standard) have diameters ranging from 12.7mm to 25.4mm and focal lengths ranging from 20mm to 1000mm, encompassing short focal lengths, mid-focal lengths, and long focal lengths. These stock CaF2 plano-convex lenses are currently available in uncoated versions, but custom coatings including Broadband AR Coatings (BBAR) with superior broadband performance, V coatings with minimized reflection over a narrow waveband, and MgF2 with high price-competitiveness are all procurable through inquiries. The stocked CaF2 flat convex lenses have a conventional surface smoothness of 80/50 S/D and >80% clear aperture. However, Shalom EO is also capable to manufacture Calcium Fluoride plano-convex lens components with higher precision if you have stricter requirements for the final performance. 

Application Notes:
1. Because the refraction angles of the incident lights have a slight difference, the focal length of the two sides is also different. To minimize spherical aberration, engineers from Shalom EO suggest that when using the lens to focus collimated lights, the collimated lights should be projected to the curved surface of the lens; conversely, when using the lens to collimate a point light source, the light source should be incident on the flat surface.
2. Simplified Calculation of Focal Length of a Plano Convex Lens: focal length = R/(n-1), where R is the radius of curvature and n is the refractive index.


Lens FormPlano-convex LensMaterialCaF2
Diameters(mm)12.7-25.4mm (Standard), or CustomWorking Wavelength Range180-8000nm
CoatingStandard Uncoated, or Custom BBAR/V-coating/MgF2Surface Quality (S/D)80/50
Irregularity@632.8nmλ/4Centering Error<2 arc min
Clear Aperture>80%Protective Chamfer0.2mmx45°

Material Properties of N-BK7:




Amorphous Glass

Refractive Index

1.51680@587.5618nm (Yellow Helium Line)

Variance in Refractive Index According to Temperature

2.4 x 10-6 /°C (+20/+40°C @ 1060 nm)   

Transmission Wavelength Range


Reflection Loss (2 surfaces)


Abbe Number(Vd)



See Schott Datasheet

Partial Dispersion

See Schott Datasheet

Knoop Hardness


Young’s Modulus

82 GPa

Shear Modulus

34.0 GPa

Bulk Modulus

46.5 GPa

Apparent Elastic Limit

63.5MPa (9206psi)


2.51 g/cc

Poisson Ratio


Melting Point

557℃ (Transformation Temperature)

Thermal Conductivity

1.114 W m⁻¹ K⁻¹

Thermal Expansion

7.1×10-6 K-1

Specific Heat Capacity

858 J Kg-1 K-1

Dia25.4mm EFL200mm CaF2 Plano Convex Lens Uncoated

Dia25.4mm EFL200mm CaF2 Plano Convex Lens Uncoated

Dia25.4mm EFL500mm CaF2 Plano Convex Lens Uncoated

Dia25.4mm EFL500mm CaF2 Plano Convex Lens Uncoated

Dia25.4mm EFL50mm CaF2 Plano Convex Lens Uncoated

Dia25.4mm EFL50mm CaF2 Plano Convex Lens Uncoated