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Aperture 5mm high extinction ratio DKDP Pockels Cells


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Clear Aperture 5mm
Wavelength Custom
Dimension Ф15×18mm
Extinction Ratio@1064nm >5000:1
Single Pass Optical Transmission >98%
Wavefront Distortion <λ/8
Quarter Wave Voltage 3200V+/-200V
Capacitance 2pF
Damaging Threshold 500MW/cm^2@1064nm,10ns,10Hz

This one module of DKDP pockels cells features high extinction ratio (>5000:1) ,High deuteration (>98.0%), compact design and easy adjustment, with single pass optical transmission, no photorefractive damage , no static birefringence, excellent electric-optical properties and are sealant/adhesive free,  also resistant to environmental temperature.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers series of DKDP pockels cells with high deuteration (>98%), low capacitance and fast rise time and high transmission, high extinction ratio, the largest aperture of 50mm is available. 


Application Notes:

With excellent physical and optical property, DKDP series Pockels cells are widely used in laser systems with large caliber, high power and narrow pulse width. They are among the optimal E-O Q-switches used in pulse laser systems, including:

  1. OEM laser systems
  2. Medical/cosmetic lasers
  3. Versatile R&D laser platforms
  4. Military & aerospace laser systems

Application Notices on DKDP Series Q-switch:

  • Core exposure or loose contact is forbidden
  • Recommend to be operated at constant temperature
  • Pease avoid any intense impact or vibration
  • Unauthorized disassembly is forbidden
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