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mGreen Modules 532nm 500-1000mW

Code: 2092-002


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Wavelength 532nm Dimension 7.0x2x4.5mm
Output Power 500-1000mW Temperature Stabilizing TEC
Storage Temperature 10-50℃

MgO:PPLN waveguides are used as frequency conversion elements, which convert 1064nm laser to 532nm laser. The 1064nm laser is generated from Nd:YVO4 crystals pumped by 808nm LD, the PPLN crystals and Nd:YVO4 crystals are integrated and assembled with the copper heat-sink. For 561nm laser, it is generated from Nd:YAG crystals of 1122nm, the same structure with 532nm modules. It is easy to be integrated to your laser systems.

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