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Scintillators emits luminescence light when it is excited by X-ray, gamma-rays, alpha ray and beta ray, scintillators. They are widely used as detectors in medical diagnostics, high energy physics and geophysical exploration. Density, maximum emission wavelength, light yield, anti-radiation hardness, energy resolution and decay time are several critical properties one must be considered in design of scintillators. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers a variety of scintillators products, includes: polyvinyltoluene based plastic scintillators, which are available as cast sheets, blocks, rods, cylinders, thin films; inorganic scintillation crystals; pixellated scintillation arrays for X-ray or Gamma-ray imaging; encapsulated scintillation crystals integrated with Photo Multiplier Tube (PMT) detectors; and scintillation crystals thin screens which are used in high precision detection, and the newly developed CdZnTe detectors.