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Pixelated Scintillation Arrays and Modules

One-dimensional, two-dimensional pixelated scintillation arrays integrated with PD or SiPM are often used as position-sensitive detection devices in X-radiation scanning and imaging. Their applications range from medical diagnosis equipment of Computerized Tomographies (CT) and Positron Emission Tomographies (PET) to X-radiation baggage and cargo scanning machines, also being utilized in pharmaceutical quality assurance instruments and airspace explorations, etc.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers various pixelated scintillators based on CsI(Tl), BGO, LYSO(Ce), CdWO4, GOS, and GAGG(Ce) crystals materials. Shalom EO is capable to provide products with a minimum pixel size of 0.3x0.3mm and a minimum distance between the pixels of 0.06mm. White reflectors between pixels are used to minimize the optical cross-talk. Hangzhou Shalom EO also provides multi-layer scintillation arrays for high-resolution detection.