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Plastic Scintillators

The plastic scintillators has a quick signal with a decay time of 2-4 nanoseconds and relatively high light output. Plastic scintillators has an excellent durability, and by the mold and other means, it could be made into almost any shape you want, including cast sheets, blocks, rods, cylinders and thin films. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers a variety of plastic scintillators: SP101 emits at 423nm and is often used for gamma ray detection, available in large size and easy to assembly with PMT. SP102 also emits at 423nm and is always made into sheet, which is suitable for α-ray detection. SP121 is made from SP102 sheet with a layer of ZnS(Ag) painting, it emits 423nm and 450nm, which fit for both alpha and beta ray detection. And when ZnS(Ag) is painted on a PMMA sheet, SP123 is made, SP123 is often used for α-ray detection.