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Broad Band IR Filters

  • High transmission at transmission wavelength range
  • Selections covering th whole IR wavelength range of 0.9μm - 12μm
  • Various Substrate materials including silicon, sapphire, IR Quartz and germanium etc. optional
  • Applications: IR Thermal Imaging & Thermal Sensing, IR Thermography, IR light Emitters & Detectors etc.
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Broad band IR filters has high transmission at the transmitted wavelength range and block other wavelength range. Hangzhou Shalom EO provide the customized narrow band infrared filters using a variety substrate materials: BK7, Si, Sapphire, Ge, ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2 ect., covers whole IR wavelength range from 0.9μm to 12μm.

Transmission of Broadband IR Filters (8-12 Micro):