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Ball Lenses and Half Ball Lenses

  • Broad diameter range: 0.3mm to 100mm
  • Substrates of sapphire, ruby, BK7, Fused Silica, high index glass, and Ge, ZnSe, ZnS
  • AR coating available
  • Applications: fiber coupling, endoscopy, bar code scanning and sensors
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Ball lenses are completely shperical lenses which contribute to focusing light in the field of fibers, emitters and detectors. Half-Ball lenses are ideal for applications such as fiber communication, endoscopy, microscopy, optical pick-up devices, and laser measurement systems. 

 The stocked ball lenses and half ball lenses provided by Hangzhou Shalom EO are made from N-BK7, UV fused silica, sapphire and high index optical glass materials, and the custom ball and half ball lenses are available upon your request. 

Common Specifications:

Diameter Tolerance(sphericity) <0.4 µm Basic Diameter Tolerance ±1.0µm
Surface Roughness(Ra) <0.007µm Coating None