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High Power PBS BK7 1064nm 12.7x12.7x12.7mm

Code: 20706-004



Materials BK7 Size 12.7x12.7x12.7mm
Wavelength 1064nm Extinction Ratio >1000:1
Surface Quality 20/10 S/D Beam Deviation < 3 arc minutes
Wavefront <λ/4@633nm Transmittance Tp>95%, Ts<0.1%

Polarizing splitter coating on hypotenuse

and AR coating on end surface

Damage Threshold >10J @1064nm, 10ns, 10Hz

The beamsplitter interface of these cubes uses an epoxy-free, optical contact bond, which minimizes absorption and scattering loss. Each surface is polished to a high flatness, and this precision polishing of the internal surfaces is what enables them to achieve optical contact. As such, Hangzhou Shalom EO is able to manufacture compact, thermally stable beamsplitter cubes with high transmission and minimal beam displacement.

The cubes separate the s and p polarization components by reflecting the s component at the dielectric beamsplitter coating while allowing the p component to pass. For the highest polarization extinction ratio, use the transmitted beam, which offers an extinction ratio of Tp:Ts > 1000:1.

2-3 Days
Polarization Beam Combiner

Polarization Beam Combiner