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V3+:YAG Crystals

  • Fit for laser wavelength range 1.06 ~ 1.44μm
  • Excellent for 1.3μm Nd lasers
  • UV resistant
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • High damage threshold
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Material V3+:YAG Crystals Orientation <100> <+/-0.5°
Optical Density 0.1-0.8 Absorption Coefficient 1.0cm-1 - 7.0cm-1
Transmittance 30%-97% Absorption Cross Section 2.8x10-18cm2(at 1.34µm)
Thickness/Diameter Tolerance +/-0.1mm Parallelism 10″
Perpendicular 5′ Surface Quality 10/5 S/D
Wavefront Distortion Lambda/8 @ 632nm Flatness Lambda/8 @ 632nm
Aperture >90% Chamfer <0.2 x 45°
HR Coating <= 0.2% (@ 1340nm) Damage Threshold >500MW/cm2

V3+:YAG crystals is a relatively new material for saturable absorber passive Q-switching in lasers emitting from 1.06 to 1.44 µm, in particular, for 1.3 µm Nd-lasers. Extremely high ground state absorption (GSA) cross section of 7x10-18 cm2 near 1.3 m and negligible excited state absorption (ESA) permits Q-switching of 1.3 and 1.44 m Nd-lasers without intracavity focusing both with flash-lamp and diode-laser pumping. V:YAG has a good chemical stability and thermal conductivity, it is UV resistant and high damage threhold. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the high quality V3+:YAG with laser grade polishing and coatings.