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Non-Polarization Beamsplitter Cubes

  • Wavelength Band Options: 450-650nm, 650-950nm, 900-1200nm and 1200-1600nm
  • Hybrid Coating Layer
  • Insensitive to Polarization and Angle of Incident
  • Fit for Low Power Lasers
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450-650, 650-950  

900-1200, 1200-1600

Polarization T/R=46:/46,|Ts-Tp|<5%,|Rs-Rp|<5%
Surface Quality 60/40 S/D ,40/20 S/D Beam Deviation < 3 arc minutes
Wavefront Distortion <λ/4@633nm Clear Aperture >80% central diameter

Modules or Types:

PN Wavelength

Polarization Materials Size(mm)
NPBS1010 450-650, 650-950  900-1200, 1200-1600 T/R=46:/46 |Ts-Tp|<5% |Rs-Rp|<5% K9 10.0x10.0x10.0
NPBS1012 12.7x12.7x12.7
NPBS1015 15.0x15.0x15.0
NPBS1020 20.0x20.0x20.0
NPBS1025 25.4x25.4x25.4

Non-Polarization Beamsplitter Cubes (NPBS) is designed to split the incident light at a specific percentage that is not sensitive to the polarization state, and the hybrid coating is also insensitive to the angle of incident light. The identical spectral characteristic can be kept at a broad spectral range, which makes it fit for tunable lasers. The hybrid coating has a certain of absorption, and NPBS is not suitable for the high power lasers.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the Non-Polarization Beamsplitter Cubes (NPBS) with a series of wavelength band: 450-650nm, 650-950nm, 900-1200nm and 1200-1600nm. Our NPBS are low polarization dependence of the metallic-dielectric coating, the transmission and reflection for S- and P- polarization states is within 5% of each other.