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  • Penta Prisms
  • Penta Prisms

Penta Prisms

  • Deviate angle of incident beam at 90°
  • Coating options: Protective Aluminum, Single layer MgF2, Multi-layer AR coating or custom options
  • For observation systems and measuring applications
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Material N-BK7, UV Fused Silica Range of Size /
Dimension Tolerance ±0.2mm Surface Quality 60/40 S/D
Clear Aperture >90% Flatness <λ/4@632.8nm
Angle Tolerance <30arc seconds Chamfer Protective<0.5mmx45°

Protected Aluminum reflective coating

Single Layer MgF2,  AR coating  or custom

Penta prism is a five-sided glass block, it can deviate the angle of incident beam or image to exact 90° without any inverting and reversing, whatever the angle of incoming beam is. This kind of prisms is widely used in optical observation system and measuring applications.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers penta prisms with a wide wavelength range from UV, Visible to IR spectrum.