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Optical Components

Sapphire Optics

Sapphire is a high-performance artificial birefringent crystal material with hexagonal lattice structures, fabricated using fine Al2O3 as ingredients. The optical transmission spectrum of sapphire encompasses Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared, spanning from 150nm to 5500nm. The most eminent feature of sapphire is its incomparable hardness. As the world’s second hardest material with a Mohs index of 9, sapphire is of extreme resistance to abrasions and scratches to withstand extreme conditions and secure long-term durabilities.

Sapphire Optics, therefore, holds a natural advantage with superior ruggedness when compared with optics made from other materials, in fact, sapphire optics can seldom be scraped using materials other than diamonds and themselves. Besides, Sapphire optics is also capable of working under high-pressure, insoluble in water and most acids and alkalis, and its operating temperature limit is up to 1900℃ with its outstanding thermal conduction properties. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO supplies a series of Sapphire Optical Components with custom and off-the-shelf specifications including sapphire lenses and prisms, sapphire ball lenses and half ball lenses, sapphire optical windows and domes, sapphire light guides, and sapphire wristwatch windows. Our sapphire optics feature distinguished optical transmission, exquisite mechanical strength, and high resistance to abrasions/corrosion/high temperatures/thermal shock, manufactured using Single Crystal Sapphire of high homogeneities and few inclusion/bubbles without sub-grains, and visible ruptures under strict inspection.  The Sapphire windows, Sapphire Ball/Half ball lenses, Sapphire Lenses, Sapphire prisms, etc. we produced exhibit reliable functionalities in multi-domain applications like fingerprint screening, viewports, FLIR thermal cameras, barcode scanning, high-power laser output or protection, oil-well testing, etc. Anti Reflection coatings with certain transmission wavelength bands, protective DLC coatings, or other custom coatings could be furnished on the sapphire substrates.

With cutting-edge techniques and an efficient production line, Shalom EO is capable of manufacturing both industrial-grade AlO3 optics and high-precision sapphire optics assigned to specific industrial demands with more rigorous requirements and making flexible responses to large-scale orders. Our sales and engineering group with profound technical backgrounds are competent and willing to propose and design the products that best suit your interest at optimized prices with high cost-effectiveness.