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CdWO4 Scintillator Arrays

  • Low afterglow and High density, High Z scintillator
  • Relatively High light yield and High resistance of energy radiation damage
  • Suitable for low activity counting applications
  • Linear Arrays of 8, 16, 32, 64…elements and 2-Dimensional Arrays of 6×10, 12×18, 24×36…elements availble
  • Minimum pixel or crystal element size : 0.3mm x 0.3mm
  • Application Notes:Security inspection,X-ray CT,High energy physics,Nuclear medicine
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Specifications and Capabilities:
Single Pixels Size: customized
Linear Array: 8, 16, 32, 64…pixels
2-Dimensional Array:  6×10, 12×18, 24x36....pixels
Light Output: 12,000-15,000 Photons/MeV
Afterglow:  0.1%(max) after 3ms
Reflector:  TiO2, BaSO4,  ESR ect.

Basic Properties:

Melting Point (℃) 1598 Density (g/cm3) 7.9
Hygroscopic None Hardness(ns) 4-4.5
Wavelength of Emission Max.(nm) 475 Refractive Index of Emission Max 2.2-2.3
Decay Time(ns) 14000 Photoelectron Yield (% of NaI(Tl)) (for γ-rays) 30-50
Afterglow(%@3ms) <0.1 Radiation Length(cm) 1.06


Cadmium tungstate (CdWO4) is a high-z (large atomic number) scintillator with a decent high light yield and extremely low afterglow. The afterglow at 3ms is less than 0.1%. The emission maximum is at 475nm and the total light output is 12 to 15 photons/keV. The light yield relative to NaI(Tl) on a bialkali PMT is 30 to 50%. The massive nuclei of CdWO4 mean high stopping power and make it an efficient absorber, in particular for high-energy X-radiation. It takes only 3mm to stop up to 150keV photons.  The low afterglow of CdWO4 scintillators is of great importance for fast inspection, for instance, in cargo containers. CdWO4 is an ideal material for high-energy physics due to its high endurance to high power radiations.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the custom CdWO4 arrays according to customer's request, our CWO scintillation arrays are used in common in X-radiation Computerized Tomographies (CT) equipment, security cargo inspections, high energy physics, and nuclear medicine applications. Besides, Bulk CdWO4 Scintillator Crystals are available in Shalom EO as well.

CdWO4 Scintillator Crystals

CdWO4 Scintillator Crystals

  • Low afterglow
  • High density and High-Z scintillator
  • Relatively high light yield and High Radiation Hardness
  • Bulk crystal and CdWO4 1-Dimensional/2-Dimensional Arrays offered
  • Main applications: Security inspection, X-ray CT, High energy physics, Nuclear medicine

Scintillation Detection Arrays (Coupled with Si PDs)

Scintillation Detection Arrays (Coupled with Si PDs)

  • Linear Scintillation Array + Monocrystalline Si Photodiode Array + Mounting Board
  • Element size width 1.4mm, height 2.5nm, with element pitch of 1.575nm
  • Modules of 16 elements, 64 elements, and 128 elements are available
  • Wide spectral range of 350-1100nm (responsitivity peak at 950nm)
  • A variety of scintillator materials including CsI(Tl), GOS ceramic, CdWO4, or other custom choices
  • Dual energy inspection is enabled when combining a CsI(Tl) detector for high energy and GOS detector for low energy