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  • YAG(Ce) Scintillators
  • YAG(Ce) Scintillators
  • YAG(Ce) Scintillators
  • YAG(Ce) Scintillators

YAG(Ce) Scintillators

  • High electron conversion efficiency
  • Good Mechanical Properties and Thermal Conductivity
  • Maximum Crystals Size: ɸ80mm x 200mm
  • Coating Optional: Al, Ag, Au and Protective SiO2 Layer
  • Applications: SEM, Ultra-thin imaging Screens, Electron Imaging, Beta Ray and X-ray Counter, Ion Beam Imaging.
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Basic Properties:

Crystal Structure M3 Density(g/cm3) 4.55
Melting Point (°C) 1970 Hardness(Mho) 8.5
Hygroscopic no Wavelength of Emission Max. (nm) 560
Refractive Index @ Emission Max. 1.82 Decay Time (ns) 70
Light Output (photons/keV) 8 Relative Light Output (%) 21


Abilities and Specifications:

Growth Method Czochralsk Formula Y3Al5O12(cerium content: 0.1~1.2 at%)
Maximum Dimension ∅ 80 mm x 200 mm Available Items Single crystal
Metal Coating Al, Au, Ag etc. Protective Coating SiO2

With the wavelength of the maximum emission at 560nm, YAG(Ce) can well matched to CCD sensitivity. and it is known as a kind of non-hygroscopic, chemically inert inorganic scintillation material. YAG(Ce) is a reasonably fast scintillator with a relative light yield of 12% of NaI(Tl). YAG(Ce) scintillators are used in Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM),  electronic imaging, beta-ray and X-ray counters and imaging. It has excellent temperature and mechanical characteristics which makes it suitable for ultra-thin screen of 0.01mm. YAG(Ce) crystals has a high threshold for high energy electrons or ions, makes it suitable for high electric current environment.

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers the YAG(Ce) single scintillation crystals grown by Czochralski method, the largest crystals size could be up to D80x200mm, utra-hin YAG(Ce) screen of 0.05mm free sanding and 0.01mm with substrates are available, and the optional metal coating of Aluminum, Silver with SiO2 protective layer are offered.

Application Notes:

  • Scanning electron microscope(SEM)
  • Ultra-thin imaging screens
  • Electron imaging
  • Beta, X-ray counter
  • Ion beam imaging
LuAG(Ce) Scintillators

LuAG(Ce) Scintillators

  • High Density and Fast Decay Time
  • Peak Emission Wavelength Matching Well to PD
  • High Chemical and Mechanical Resistance
  • Mono Crystals and Thin Screens available
  • Main Applications: PET Scanners, High Energy Physics, High Spatial Resolution Imaging Screens

YAG(Ce) Scintillator Screens D10x0.01mm UVFS substrates

YAG(Ce) Scintillator Screens D10x0.01mm UVFS substrates

Code: 532-001


YAG(Ce) Scintillator Screens 10x10x0.1mm

YAG(Ce) Scintillator Screens 10x10x0.1mm

Code: 532-005