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PMMA Light Guides for Scintillators

  • Made of PMMA Imported from German
  • Immunities to Yellowing for Long-term Usage
  • Custom Specifications Tailored for Your Scintillation Detectors
  • Various Forms for Different Cross-sections:  Fish-tail, Tapered-cone, Rectangular, Flat Bar, etc.
  • Compliant with PMT, SIPM, or Other Readout Components
  • Matches with Shalom EO's Scintillation Detectors

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Substrate Material PMMA Density 1.19 g/cm3
Refactive Index 1.49 Fabrication Technique Cast
Working Temperature -40to55ºC

Light Guides are essential components for transmitting light from the scintillator media and the light collection device (Photomultiplier Tube/PMT or Silicon Photomultipliers/SIPM) in scintillation detectors. There are often two circumstances in which a  light guide is utilized: One is when the area of the scintillator is greater than the area of the phototubes, and another is when the cross-sectional shape of the scintillator differs from that of the phototubes. 

PMMA cast sheet is a usual plastic material for manufacturing scintillation light guides. The term PMMA is the abbreviation of Polymethyl Methacrylate, and the material is also known as acrylic plastic, while in a commercial context being sold under the name Lucite, Perspex, Plexiglas, etc. 

Hangzhou Shalom EO offers Custom PMMA Light Guides for Scintillators, all the specifications and parameters could be tailored to optimize your scintillation detectors. Various forms of light guides are available, inclduing: fish-tail light guides for a  transition from thin rectangular ends to round cross-sections, tapered-cone light guides for coupling of square-to-round ends, or round-to-round cross-sections with other additional options encompassing rectangular light guide, flat bar light guide or other custom shapes. Smooth surfaces or reflectors are engaged to exploit total internal reflection. The light guides ensure efficient and uniform transmission, being compliant with PMT, SIPM, or other readout sensors. The cast PMMA material is imported from German, featuring high optical transmission, exceptional resistance to UV exposure, high thermal tolerance, and immunities to yellowing for long-term usage. Our PMMA Light Guide Series, used in combination with our Plastic Scintillation Detectors are excellent radiation detection instruments for Gamma detection, nuclear monitoring and alpha/beta particle detection.

Plastic Scintillation Detector

Plastic Scintillation Detector

  • Custom Plastic Scintillation Detector Assemblies
  • Optional Configurations: Light Guides, PMT, Electronics, Light-tight Wrapping,etc.
  • Large Light Yield and Fast Response
  • Ideal for Gross Gamma Counting, Nuclear Detection, Alpha/Beta Particle Detection, etc.
  • Large Dimension Plastic Scintuillators in Various Shapes Incorporated