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Wafers and Substrates

Glass Wafers, Fused Silica Wafers

A Glass Wafer or Substrate is a thin disc (or square) of glass material. In fact, the term “Glass” refers to any hard, non-crystalline, inorganic, and uniform solids created through rapid cooling(quenching) of molten substances. As the market grew increasingly aware of the merits of glass wafers and substrates (e.g. low dielectric loss, excellent thermal stability, optical transparency, etc.), the demand for glass wafers and substrates could be expected to expand. Currently, glass wafers and substrates are already applied in various fields including Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS), Thin Film Semiconductors, Integrated Circuit(IC) packaging, Laboratory Equipment, etc.

Typical glass materials to manufacture glass wafers or substrates are Fused Silica (Colloquially called Fused Quartz, or Quartz Glass. The material is essentially pure Silica/Silicon Dioxide in amorphous form), Borosilicate Glass (fundamental components SiO2, B2O3, andNa2O), Aluminosilicate (Containing 20%-40% Aluminum Oxide), Dense Flint Glass, and Glass-ceramics, etc. These diversified glass categories are all on sale in Shalom EO. At the stage of preparing the raw glass material, the methods engaged for production, the chemical compositions, and other factors are all strategically controlled to obtain the required quality of glass. Then the glass blanks are further processed through a complex procedure including cutting, edging, lapping and polishing, etc. to meet the exact specifications.

Glass Wafers and Substrates offered in Shalom EO are of assorted characteristics equivalent to SCHOTT Borofloat33/B270/D263/N-BK7/Zerodur, Corning Pyrex and Eagle XG glass, CDGM H-K9L/H-ZF/MJB5, and conventional Soda Lime Glass, etc. Glass substrates coated with ITO (Indium Tin Oxide) conducting film for LCD(Liquid Crystal Display) are also available.  

Among the brands stated above, Borofloat glass wafers are a versatile glass kind with general and fine optical transmission across the UV, VIS, MWIR range, and chemical and thermal stability, often used as substrates for developments and coating of Optical Lenses, Optical Windows, Optical Mirrors, in addition to other applications. The B270, BK7, H-K9Lare crown glass, with low refractive index and abbe number, the brands are suitable for making optical components. The Zerodur is a non-porous lithium aluminum silicon oxide glass-ceramic, distinctively featuring near-zero thermal expansion. The Soda Lime Glass is the cheapest and most prevalent type.

The Fused Silica and Optical Quartz Glass Wafers (or Substrates) offered by Hangzhou Shalom EO are majorly made from glass materials equivalent to Corning Fused Silica HPFS 7980/7979/7978 and JGS1 glass featuring extremely low thermal expansion and excellent optical transmission, especially in the UV spectrum. The glass blanks could be processed into various forms and specifications including UV-grade wafers and substrates, Low thermal expansion SiO2 windows, Optical quartz glass window/substrate/coverslips/microscope slides, etc. to achieve versatile functions of your interests. Custom blanks, ingots, and wafers of Single-Crystalline Quartz are also on our production scale.

With respect to your application, the traits required for glass (e.g. optical grade, high chemical/thermal durability, high electrical resistance) should vary correspondently, feel free to consult us to settle the material selection.Hangzhou Shalom EO incorporates CNC machining technologies, where the specific shapes, dimensions, and other parameters could be customized at your request. The polishing could be either single-side or double-sides. Products of SEMI standard dimensions, flats, notches, etc are also accessible. We also accept quotations of moderate requirements, with the economical price offered.